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Posted by on Aug 2, 2021 | 0 comments

Mark And Minnesota Vikings Place Kicker, Riley Patterson

Hi, Mark and Brian here, still two wild and crazy therapists. And we have a special guest of honor today, Riley Patterson. He is the placekicker for the Minnesota Vikings, and he’s home on leave before he has to report back in training camp and he’s gracious enough to come to this clinic and work out to keep his training going. So we thought for all you fans out there of football, and you get a chance to hear from a real-life professional. So we’ll let Riley say a few words. So, take it away.

Hi, I’m Riley. I’m with the Vikings right now. I just finished four years at the University of Memphis. And previous to that, I was here at Edwardsville for four years. And during that time, I had the great opportunity of coming in here and fixing a back issue back in high school with Mark. And he fixed me right up. And I was able to go on and do a lot of good things after that. Things are going really well, getting stronger, just getting myself ready for this next season. And it’s been a really great time here. I had no choice but to go here. Everywhere else was completely full. So this was a last-choice situation, obviously.

Stay tuned as we get ready to show you some specialized exercises we have Riley doing to help him stay in shape and be prepared for the next season.

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