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Posted by on Dec 13, 2021 | 0 comments

Why Strengthening Exercises Make You A Better Runner

A lot of people are out there running and, still, because, at least around here, the weather has been very nice.

So we want to talk a little bit about running. If you are running to become a better runner, you have got to run. But don’t rely on running to be your conditioning tool or your strengthening tool. To run and to have a better chance of avoiding injuries or problems, you want to do some strengthening exercises.  Especially focus on quad strength, lateral stability (which are the muscles on your hips/sides), and your glutes and hamstrings.

We’ve got some strengthening exercises over this next series that we want to show you, that are very good for runners and can help you when you’re out there doing your running. The idea behind it is you’re running to get in shape. It may be something you enjoy, maybe relaxing to you. But keep in mind that you ought to train your muscles to be a good runner, so when you go out and run, your muscles and joints are more ready for it.

Stay tuned to our YouTube channel as we give you a few exercise suggestions that can help with it. We’ll go over them here in the next few videos. If you’ve got any further questions, contact us at

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