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Posted by on Sep 13, 2017 | 0 comments

Posture Improvement Reminders

posture improvementIn this video, you will find out from Mark the different posture improvement moves you can do during the day to prevent pain. Watch as he demonstrates the following:

  1. How to stand properly with your legs shoulder width apart
  2. Where to point your feet while you are standing
  3. Turning your knees out very slightly
  4. Squeeze your backside together and tuck your pelvis in
  5. Elongate your spine to make your spine tall and reset your shoulders
  6. Turn your arms back to align shoulder sockets
  7. Align your chin

Make sure you pay attention to head posture. Muscles in your neck can get wore out – especially those of you on computers all day long.

Go through this checklist every day to avoid back, shoulder and neck issues!

Want to learn more from Mark? Check out your YouTube Channel and you can always contact us with questions here!

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