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Posted by on Aug 30, 2021 | 0 comments

What Is The First Step In Healing Plantar Fasciitis

We had a request from Sue Diaz who is a former patient. She asked what you can do to heal plantar fasciitis at home, as well as how to do preventative maintenance. So today, what we want to do is kind of give you some pointers, so if you do have plantar fasciitis there’s stuff that you can start doing on your own at home. See if these tips will help you get rid of it or take care of it. If they don’t, then you may need to call us for further help, but certainly, the suggestions we’re going to give you can help a lot. And like I said, a lot of cases, it will take care of it for you.

So, first thing I want to tell you about plantar fasciitis, is typically as most people know, especially if they’ve got it, it’s heel pain and or bottom of the foot pain. It’s usually worse in the morning when you first get out of bed and put weight on it. Typically we sleep in a shortened position. So whenever our toes and feet are pointed, those tissues are shortened and they start healing in a shortened position. Then you get up and put weight on, or you’re maybe stretching, and that can cause pain. So a lot of times the use of the night splint, which is a little splint you put around your foot to hold your foot in a up position, has been shown to give you some good relief.

The big thing that Brian and I really promote as the number one thing you can do, you need to make sure you’re walking with your feet straight. Most people walk with their feet, turned out. They put the weight on the outside of their foot. Their arches collapse, their plantar fascia gets overused, and then it starts breaking down. So first line of defense always is start walking with your feet straight.

Now here’s where we differ from the main stream. What people are told a lot of times is never go barefoot again. Well, we don’t believe in that because our bodies were designed without shoes and they’re perfectly designed not to need shoes. So we’re big proponents of you need to learn to straighten your feet, correct your mechanics.

So primary goal, number one, start making sure your feet are straight. Spend more time barefoot and correct mechanics. Meaning when you walk, you land on your heel and you push off your big toe, not the little toe side.
So as much time as you can go barefoot, start doing that. If you’re not used to barefoot and you find that five minutes starts aggravating your feet, just because you’re not used to it, spend three or four minutes. Slowly build your time up to where then you can start handling more time. Your body has to adapt to that. But that’s going to be, the best start is feet straight, heel, big toe push off and use your big toe like you would a gun barrel. Point that big toe in a straight line towards the direction you’re walking.

So first line of defense is proper mechanics when walking, because none of the exercises and stretches that we’re going to give you will work if you don’t correct the mechanics first. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as we release exercises that will help you. So if you have further questions, contact us at

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