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Posted by on Mar 12, 2018 | 0 comments

Other Muscle Groups That Benefit From Strengthening Your Glutes

We discussed last month why your glute muscles are an important part of your body mechanics. Unfortunately, they are compromised primarily from too much sitting. And that is not the only muscle group that suffers. Most people do not actively work their glute muscles, resulting in gluteal amnesia. When you sit too long, your glute muscles will suffer. This will lead to all sorts of health problems.

Now we are turning our attention to some moves you can do that will help with your shoulders, upper back and your hip mobility.

Listen here for more information from Mark about this condition. We even have some entertainment for you in the beginning!

Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel so you can see him demonstrate different types glute strengthening exercises.

Got questions about our exercises or physical therapy? Just ask Mark by contacting our office!

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