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Posted by on Jan 9, 2017 | 0 comments

How Do I Decide If I Should Have Back Surgery?

How do you decide if you should have back surgery? This is a very big decision, especially since half of all back surgeries do not work. Mark addresses a few key points you should be considering before making this very important decision, as well as addresses why back surgery will not work. In the video below, Mark will discuss these key points:

  • Have you tried all of the conservative approaches first?
  • What is causing the pain and has it been addressed?
  • Have you found the movements, activities, and postures that do not provoke the pain? Are you allowing the tissue to heal?
  • Are you having any neurological symptoms, such as bowel or bladder problems?
  • Check out your surgeon. How? Ask the nurses and physical therapists. They know who gets results.

If you have not been evaluated by a physical therapist, we encourage you to contact our office for more information.

**additional information can be found from reading works from Dr. Stuart McGill. His book Low Back Disorders guides readers through the assessment and treatment of low back pain, providing evidence-based research on the best methods of rehabilitation and prevention of future injury.

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