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Posted by on Feb 14, 2022 | 0 comments

What To Do Before Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Hey there, Mark and Brian here, somewhere in this realm of Fitness4LifePT. Today, we’re going to bring you some information about knee replacement.

There’s a lot of total knee replacements done every year. Here’s some advice we want to give you if you know that you’re going to be getting a total knee replacement. The best thing you can do before having a total knee replacement is to do prehab exercises. Train before you have your surgery, because if you train those muscles, that joint, before you have your surgery, you come through a lot better. Things that you need to think about and work on, number one is that whatever range of motion you typically have before your surgery is the motion you’re going to retain afterwards. So with that in mind, it becomes important that you try and increase your range of motion if you do have a deficit so that when you do have a total knee replacement, you’re going to come out with full range.

This is an important one because a lot of times, Brian and I will see when they come in to us after having a knee replaced, our patients can’t fully straighten their knee and for sure they can’t bend it. However,  we’re always more  concerned with the straightening first, because if you don’t get your knee straight, you’re always going to walk with a limp, your gait is going to be altered,  and it can start affecting other muscles. Range of motion is primary. We have had patients in here that prior to surgery could not bend their knee past 60 or 70 degrees. After surgery, because they were working out, worked on the range of motion, worked on some strengthening exercise to keep those muscles strong, they were a lot better after their surgery. So what’s recommended? Do some prehab!

To give you a couple ideas for a range of motion, range of motion means how far you can straighten and bend it. I want to give you a couple numbers. When you walk, you need 70 degrees of bend. So to walk normal, that’s the kind of range you need. To go downstairs, you need a hundred degrees. A hundred degrees range of motion is a good goal to have before you go into surgery, at least, because you need that for function.

Second thing is being able to bend your knee while you’re sitting, your knee isn’t hanging out like if you’re in a movie theater in the aisle. Something that you need to keep in mind, is to train for a surgery. That’s our opinion. There’s a lot of medical professionals out there now that will actually prescribe prehab before their surgery because they know that you will do better. 

So in our next set of videos, we will show a series of exercises to help you prepare for your total knee replacement surgery. If you have further questions, contact us at