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Posted by on Jun 28, 2021 | 0 comments

What May Be Causing Your Knee Pain

What we want to talk about today is knee pain. What we see a lot of times, and what we want you to understand, is that where a person has symptoms does not necessarily mean that’s where the problem is.

I’m going to use the knee for example this month. Now in our clinic here, Brian and I, if we get knee pain, we very rarely treat the knee. Keep in mind –  this is if it’s a non-traumatic injury, but rather an overuse injury or people just start presenting with knee pain from running too much or doing something. What we typically get told is that the patient says “I have knee pain.” Doctor looks at the knee, says, “You need to strengthen your knee.” What we have found is, most people do not have a weak knee, it is the quadricep muscle not being used correctly for example. Where I’m going with this is, a lot of times, a knee problem is a hip or a foot and an ankle problem.

What I want to address this month in our videos is a couple of different things to look at that could be causing the knee pain. The knee is just stuck in a middle, okay? It’s like a car on the railroad tracks. The knee can only go where your hip or your foot and ankle will let it go. It’s kind of stuck, but it can take the brunt of it simply because it’s not being controlled by those other two structures.

We’re going to talk about that, give you a few suggestions on that this month. If you have further questions, contact us