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Posted by on Apr 12, 2021 | 0 comments

The Importance of Shoulder Mobility

Hi, Mark and Brian here at Fitness For Life, and what we want to talk about is shoulder mobility, stability and strength.

What happens a lot of times now, especially during these times of people working at home, spending a lot of time sitting, a lot of time at computers, a lot of times they get so involved in their work they aren’t moving hardly at all. Muscles get tight, joints gets stiff, muscles get weak. People are starting to lose range of motion, simply because they’re not using their muscles or joints like they’re supposed to, or like they normally would.

One big key to help maintain your health is shoulder mobility. We need the shoulders for reaching, for grabbing, for driving. Basically anything you do, you’re going to use your arms. So we want to keep them loose. A lot of people are having shoulder pain, neck pain, neck issues, simply from sitting at their computers, being on your cell phones with their head down, or just not moving enough.

So what we want is not just flexibility, so not just stretching the muscle, we also want stability. You want to strive for control over that joint and that muscle, and build strength from there so that the muscle can control the range of motion.

What we would like to show you today are three good shoulder movements that you could do at home. These do not take long, just a few minutes to do. But if you do them spread out throughout the day, as you take a break from your work at your computer, that can go a long way towards helping your shoulders, helping your neck, helping your posture, and just general feeling good all over. If you have further questions, contact us at