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Posted by on Nov 18, 2019 | 0 comments

Posture & Corrective Exercises

Posture and corrective types of exercise are very important. It’s no secret to anybody that we live in a basically seated society anymore, for a lot of people anyway. They have desk jobs, they work at computers, they sit slouched all day. Very rarely do they get out of their seat because they get so engrossed in their work, they look up at the clock and two or three hours have passed and they realize they haven’t moved. These postures, a lot of times, can lend itself to other problems because joints aren’t in good positions, muscles aren’t in good positions, some muscles get over stretched and weak, some muscles get tight, some muscles don’t work at all, and so on. One way of helping to correct this is by doing posture specific exercises that can lend itself towards helping to take care of these problems.

As with any exercise program, exercises are important, but the exercise itself only becomes important and good if it’s done correctly. What people have to realize is that it’s not good enough just to walk into a gym or follow a videotape or exercise unless you’ve got your mechanics correct and your exercise techniques are perfect. Otherwise, you’re just working into more types of dysfunction and also working muscles and joints in positions that they aren’t supposed to be in or aren’t going to work well for you. A lot of times people start an exercise program, they haven’t corrected their techniques or their postures and how they move, and then they wonder why they’re getting worse instead of better. The first place you always have to start is correct movement patterns.

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