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Posted by on May 21, 2019 | 0 comments

Why Total Body Movement Exercises are Important

Total body type of exercises work on your entire body. Since your body moves in different types of patterns, and not in isolation, it is better to train the body in a movement pattern versus just isolated exercises by themselves.

Ultimately your first goal should be to train for function so you can continue throughout life doing normal every day activities like walking your dog, getting down on the floor with your grand kids, dealing with yard work, and even as simple as going up and down stairs.

We have assembled a list of exercises that help build your strength with these different movement patterns, as well as learning how to stabilize your body during times when some of your muscles are doing the work, while others are keeping you stabilized. These exercises do not need equipment and can be done at home. We will show you beginners level and then how you can make them more difficult.

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