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Posted by on Sep 2, 2011 | 0 comments

An FMS is an Athlete’s BFF – Why You Need to Get an FMS Today!

Have you ever been in any sort of accident or have experienced some sort of injury in your life? Most of us have had a least some minor injury to our body, be it a sprained ankle or injured hand or something more serious such as a dislocated shoulder or a torn ligament.

In fact, you don’t even have to be involved in sports at all to get a serious injury. It wouldn’t be unheard of if an adolescent playing an innocent game of nighttime tag with his friends turned the wrong way or overstretched his stride and dislocated his kneecap.

Let me tell you: that sort of injury does NOT look pretty.

And here’s the kicker – that adolescent with the dislocated kneecap, a horrible injury which could continue to plague him for the majority of the school year, could’ve easily been avoided.  Besides maybe being a bit more aware of his surroundings, he could’ve gotten a functional movement screening (FMS) from Mark Slaughter, PT, here at Fitness4Life.

Slaughter is one of the four certified physical therapists in the entire St. Louis area and is happy to provide screenings for any and all clients, young and old alike.

So what is FMS and what does it all entail?

FMS is an analysis on a person’s movement, and it evaluates the body’s vulnerabilities and inflexibilities so that future injuries will be prevented.  While your body’s weaknesses are identified, its strengths and flexibilities are also distinguished. It is a very effective screening that U.S. football, hockey, baseball, university teams and even the United States military have been using for years.

The screening includes 7 exercises and 3 easy movements to test for pain that you will undergo as you take it. They include the deep squat, in-line lunge, shoulder mobility, active straight leg raise, trunk stability push up, rotary stability, impingement clearing test, press up clearing test, and posterior rocking clearing test. These exercises are scored on a scale of 0 to 3 with 0 being a complete fail and 3 being perfect. Check out this video for what the exercises look like:

FMS can also help you to become a better athlete! Once you’ve discovered your weaknesses, Slaughter can show you workouts and stretches to help you strengthen yourself so you will become much less prone to injury.

The human body is like a computer; preventative measures must be taken in order to protect it from viruses and infection, and an FMS will help you prevent injury to your body. So stop by Fitness4Life before your next workout session or sports season and ask Mark Slaughter to give you an FMS!