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Our Staff L-R Sharon, PTA, Mark, PT/Owner, Pat, Owner, Kyle, Assistant

Our Staff L-R
Sharon, PTA, Mark, PT/Owner, Pat, Owner, Kyle, Assistant Ringo and Nacho, Greeters/Therapy Dogs

The Choice is YOURS on where you go for Physical Therapy.

The Doctor gives you a paper which says he wants you to have physical therapy…now what?

You can go to whomever you want for this. The doctor may recommend a place but you are ultimately the person who makes that decision. Well, you and your insurance of course. We, by the way, are in MOST insurance networks…just call us or your insurance and we can let you know.


Our customized, state-of-the-art care can get you back to work and play fast.

That’s because we do more than just rehabilitate injuries. Treatment is based on a close partnership —between you and Mark Slaughter, PT, who uses today’s most effective treatment methods.

Whether you need intensive rehabilitation after an auto accident, sports injury, work injury or surgery or quick recovery from back or neck pain, you’ll find lasting solutions at Fitness4Life.

Fitness4Life offers you first-rate care for effective results. Over 100 area doctors, their patients and their families know it.

The thousands of patients we’ve treated know it, as well. They’ve experienced our passion, dedication and commitment to quality care firsthand. And they’ve discovered that we offer more than just physical therapy.

Our mission is your quick, effective recovery.

At Fitness4Life, your care will always adhere to one simple goal: to provide concise, effective rehabilitation programs so you can return to function quickly and safely. For us — it’s a simple premise. We want you to overcome your injury or impairment just as much as you do, and we’ll do what it takes to help you get there. No matter what your problem, we’ll give it our all… just like we’ve done for thousands of area residents.


Mark Swanson pt with Mark